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Texas College Boys

I really enjoyed filming this hot straight 22 y/o stud. I actually shot Shane while he was on his way to a job interview so he was all dressed up when we started. I wonder if he’ll put this on his resume.
Shane is on the wrestling team at his college and I can just imagine being pinned down by him. He’s very cute and surprisingly open to showing off his hot bubble butt. He really spreads it wide to give a great look at his hole. He even agreed to try a dildo. Shane had never put anything up his ass before, but in his words, “Ya gotta start somewhere.”
Shane must have really loved it because it got him off quicker than we planned. There was really no warning… just gobs of cum shooting out. Luckily I was still able to catch it.

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Euro Stud Stroking His Hard Cock

Picture This

Paddy O’Brian. This well hung, thick dicked, cheeky cockney geezer has been a very busy fella since doing his first ever shoot with this awesome british website, and from what we hear, he has enjoyed every single minute of the recognition that showing off his hot, hung body has brought him! Still pushing his own boundaries with each shoot he does, the one thing he has always been comfortable with is getting his clothes off for an appreciative audience, and as you will see from this gallery, he is always so turned on when someone points their camera at him that he just cant stop the pre-cum flowing!

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Southern Guy Robbie Cums For The Camera

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As we got started the temperature heated up as the sun beat down on Robbie. dripping with sweat as he stroked his cock. One thing you can’t miss is Robbie’s big swaying balls, mixed in with his nice thick bush. Robbie was trying not to watch his girl put on a private show for him in the pool, but it worked well as he got up on his knees and started stroking faster and faster. The beads of sweat ran down him, keeping his cock wet.

The hotter it got outside the hotter Robbie got, just when we thought he was going to pass out, his moaning progressed and suddenly he started shooting streams of cum. Man this boy can shoot, especially when heated up !

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